Photo for LinkedInI have always loved the natural world and have been studying and working in biology for over 25 years. My experience and interests lie in ecology, evolution, conservation and sustainability.

In Dec 2019 I obtained my PhD from UNSW for my research focusing on the rapid evolution of introduced plants, work which won me the award for Outstanding Evolution and Ecology Postgraduate Researcher of 2018. Now that my studies are complete I’m focusing on using my skills to make a positive contribution to the stewardship and appreciation of our natural environment.

I am an excellent communicator and can produce high quality written work, as evidenced by several publications. I also have wide-ranging experience in outreach, media and teaching, and have won many awards for spoken presentations. I am currently employed as a part-time Research Assistant in the Evolution and Ecology Research Centre at UNSW, and have also just started a part-time role as the National Tree Day Research Officer at Planet Ark Environmental Foundation.

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